MCPD Credit Hour Requirements

Every member of the Institute is required to obtain a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours in a year and a total of 90 credit hours over a three year period. MCPD credit hours is obtainable both for structured and unstructured activities.


MCPD Consultancy
Virtual MCPD Accountancy Practice
Virtual MCPD General Corporate Management Practice
MCPD Audit Practice sector
MCPD Tax Practice
Virtual MCPD Entrepreneurship
MCPD Agriculture Sector
MCPD Information Technology
MCPD General Corporate Management Practice
MCPD Manufacturing
MPCD Public & NFPO
MCPD Consultancy
MPCD Islamic Finance
MCPD Telecommunications
MCPD Accountancy Practice
MCPD Energy
MCPD Tax Practice
MCPD Entrepreneurship
MCPD General Corporate Management Practice
MCPD Insolvency & Corporate Re-Engineering
MCPD Mining, Oil & Gas
EMPCD Strategic Management in a (VUCA) World
MCPD Banking & Fintech
EMCPD Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD)
MCPD Capital Market
MCPD Consultancy
MCPD Insurance
EMCPD Managing today's workforce for the future
MCPD Accountancy Practice
Lagos MCPD Tax Practice
EMCPD Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Goals an