Job Ref: HHCS/102/2022  |   Job Title:  Assistant Church Accountant   |   Job Category:  Accounting

Job Title:
      Assistant Church Accountant

Job Description

  Main Accountabilities: •Record and safe keeping of all offerings/receivables on service days. •Manage and sight source document of all payments. •Ensure accurate filing process. •Attend to banking visits as when due, for deposit and withdrawal of funds, Monthly PAYE Tax and Pension payment etc. •Maintain and update the Asset register. •Prepare Income and Expenditure account, also Bank Reconciliation statement. •Issuance of Pay advice slip to the Main staffs. •Any other professional role as assigned to him/her by the organization. Competence requirements: •A team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills. •Strong quantitative analysis and problem-solving skills •Strong understanding for building and maintaining an effective process •Strong capacity to align with internal control processes and compliance with laid down policies and procedures •Strong time management skills and ability to work under pressure in a fast-moving environment •Excellent leadership qualities – must have good understanding of church values and have capacity to comply with all requirements of the role •Good skill in the use of the Microsoft Office suite, especially Word, Excel and Power Point.

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