The ICAN Job Centre brings together accounting professionals looking for their next career opportunity. It serves as a link between members and prospective employers

  • Employers
  • To Produce World-Class Chartered Accountants, Regulate and Continuously Enhance their Ethical Standards. We have a talented pool of over 40,000 members to choose from.

    We will provide you unlimited access to members' resume and will be allowed to place vacancies for members' information.

    You are rest assured that members are held to a high technical skills and ethical standards needed to succeed in your organization.

    You will be allowed to place vacancies for members' information.

    Employers can report to the Institute in the event of misdemeanor of any members recommended for employment.

  • Job Seekers
  • If you're a member in search of employment opportunity, the ICAN job centre portal offers professional, personalized services to help you succeed in your Accounting career. Our job centre portal is open to employers of labour to post jobs related to your Profession. We have close relationships and partnership with employers of labour across various industries.

    As a job seeker, we will help project you to potential employers.

    You are the first to have information about new openings, and because we are well connected in the industry, we have up-to-date knowledge about employment opportunities and you will have access to career advice.