The Research & Technical Department is the think tank of the Institute responsible for the coordination and conduct of research into Accounting and related disciplines with a view to identifying emerging trends in these areas and facilitating the Institute’s contributions to expansion of frontiers of knowledge in the profession as well as provision of advice to Government.

Specific deliverables of the Department include:

  • ICAN Journal of Accounting and Finance (IJAF)
  • ICAN PhD Research Grant
  • Annual Academic Conference on Accounting and Finance
  • ICAN Commissioned Research Grant
  • ICAN Pronouncements/Views on Current National Issues
  • Technical Bulletin
  • Exposure Drafts (Local and International)
  • Federal Government Budget Symposium
  • E-Library Facility
  • Technical Help Desk
  • Memoirs

ICAN Research Journal of Accounting (IJAF)
This research journal was conceived with a view to creating avenue for members of the Institute in academia and the corporate world who are interested in research work, to publish their research findings. These would be added to the compendium of research works that contribute to knowledge, provide technical information and new developments in the field of accounting and related disciplines. The Institute is using this medium to call for articles for publication in the Journal from Academia, Students and Professionals generally.

Research Reporting Format
The research work to be submitted for publication in the ICAN Journal of Accounting and Finance (IJAF) should comply with the following format and instructions:

  • Microsoft word (MS) should not be more than 7,000 words;
  • Abstracts between 200-250 words;
  • Submission should include Paper title, Key words (not more that 5 words), APA reference style (version 6); 
  • Authors should clearly state their mailing addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • The mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address of the Corresponding author (for co-authorship) should be clearly stated.
  • A soft copy saved in Microsoft Word should be sent to the address below:

As part of its efforts to expand the frontiers of knowledge in accounting, the Institute established an Accounting Research Fund with which it finances members undergoing Ph.D research in Accounting and related fields in recognized institutions in Nigeria and abroad.

(A) Maximum Funding Level

  • The maximum amount for this research grant is N500,000 per applicant. The money is disbursed in three installments at three stages of the research work listed below:

(B) Research Grant Application requirements:

  • A letter of application for the Ph.D research grant from the candidate
  • A detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • A Copy of letter of admission for a Ph.D programme issued by the University.
  • A Copy of course registration form with the University for a Ph.D programme
  • Evidence of financial Status with the Institute.

• A research proposal of no more than 20 pages (single spacing) which should address the following:

  • Objective of the study
  • Statement of the problem
  • Significance of the study
  • Scope of the study
  • Operational definition of terms
  • Review of related literature
  • Research Methodology
  • Expected contributions to knowledge
• Progress report /a letter confirming registration of title by the University


  • Presentation of hard-copy of the Ph.D thesis by the candidate to the Institute
  • Presentation of the soft-copy of a paper from the thesis for publication in the IJAF

Academic Conference was conceived in 2014 to bridge the gap between ‘the town’ and ‘the gown’, Consequently, the academic conference is being organized by the Institute annually and has recorded good attendance by members and non-members in the academia and the corporate world. The first two editions of the conference were single handedly organized by the Institute. Subsequent editions are to be organized in collaboration with renowned higher institutions in Nigeria.

Objectives of the Conference are to:

  • Bring together members in academia and corporate world for exchange of ideas
  • acquaint delegates with new areas of knowledge in the accountancy profession and related fields
  • Familiarise participants on the knowledge gap in accountancy profession
  • Provide participants networking opportunities to share ideas in various areas of the discipline; and
  • Offer a publication outlet for well researched studies
The programme usually comes up in April/May of every year.

Annually, the Department initiates and recommends for the Institute’s sponsorship, research into contemporary issues of relevance in accounting profession.

The Department regularly issues technical pronouncements on current economic, social, financial and accounting matters for the benefit of the Institute’s stakeholders. It also coordinates the Institute’s views through comments and issuance of opinions to relevant government memoranda/ national issues.

The Department publishes a technical bulletin featuring issues of benefits to members in all aspects of accounting.

The Department coordinates reviews and commentaries on local and international Exposure Drafts for commentaries requested by the IFAC, IASB, IPSASB, IAASB, FRC, IAESB, etc.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the Institute, through the Department, reviews the performance of the Federal Government budget yearly and makes solicited and unsolicited memoranda. The symposium is designed to hold twice a year.

As part of efforts to further enhance service delivery to its members, specifically on technical matters, the Institute has in place a TECHNICAL HELPDESK in the Research and Technical department. The Desk provides appropriate responses to members’ technical enquiries in all aspects of the profession (audit, tax, financial reporting, business mergers, regulatory provisions, requirements of standards, etc), without seeking to provide consultancy service free-of-charge, through a dedicated service telephone line: 07027999866. The technical hotline is on during the weekends, public holidays and after the close of work each day.
Members can also make enquires through e-mail to by completing the technical helpdesk form online. The helpdesk will provide initial/interim response within 48 hours.

Memoirs such as Tax Aide and CAMA Aide to assist members in practice are periodically reviewed and published by the Department.

This is a digital/on-line library facility provided by a conventional library to provide access to e-books, e-Journals and other information resources. The e-library is part of a network with links to renowned publishers and other libraries that provide access to digital and scholarly information on the web.

For further enquiries, contact:

Dr Ben Ukaegbu on: 01-4542095
Director, Technical & Education


Mr S. A. Akande on: 08033226395
Senior Manager, Research & Technical

Registrar/Chief Executive
16, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: 01-7642294  5; Fax: 4627048