In view of the complaints received on the conduct of the 2014 Council Election, the Council of the Institute has introduced reforms to ICAN’s e-voting platform with the Introduction of “Pre” and “Post” Election Forensic support.
Two Accounting firms, KPMG Professional Services and Akintola Williams Deloitte have been appointed to assist the Institute to conduct free, fair and credible elections.  

KPMG Professional Services will provide the following preventive pre-election forensic support services:

•Review members profile and validate financial standing.
•Review I.T Processes and related controls.
•Review Voting Portal and Database. 
•Review Information Security Policies and Procedures
•Collate Validated Voters list and Communicate with the Institute.
•Collate and Report on all exceptions and control gaps identified.
•Develop a Roadmap for Remediation of Identified Gaps.

Akintola Williams Deloitte on the other hand will provide detective post-election forensic support detailed below:

•Obtain the List of Published, Post-election eligible voters 
•Perform Data Integrity tests to ascertain the completeness of data sets.
•Compare Eligible Voters list to the Actual Voters list, identifying any Gaps.
•Provide Detailed Report and Executive Summary on the work done.

Members of the Institute are hereby assured of the Institute’s commitment to its age-long ideals of Accuracy and Integrity at all times. The procedures for conducting Council elections are transparently displayed on the Institute’s website at www.ican.org.ng

Registrar/Chief Executive
For Council